Steve Wozniak Comes to Bryant!

A couple weeks back, I talked a bit about the upcoming keynotes and presentations at Bryant. Today, I was able to attend one of my top listed events, the Steve Wozniak presentation! The hour long panel was a great time overall, and gave our students a lot of insight into the business world.

For those of you who don’t know, Woz was an original co-founder of Apple Computer who pioneered Apple’s first two computers alongside Steve Jobs. Today, Wozniak is the Chief Scientist at tech company Fusion-io, and has become a figurehead of the digital evolution and tech boom of the past 30 years. Along with his impressive career in tech, Wozniak is also a philanthropist, focusing mostly on technology’s impact on education.

Wozniak focused in on the keys to a successful business, relating a lot of the key principles to success to his own personal experiences in the beginning of Apple. But Woz also focused on the future, telling students about how important artificial intelligence and robotics will be in the next coming years for the tech industry. He also spoke briefly about security and privacy online, highlighting the fear of personal data being hacked as we rely more on digital technology in our daily lives than ever before.  As for the most important areas he wants students to focus on? Woz highlighted business direction, engineering skill, and strong marketing as the most important traits for a business.

Overall, this was a terrific event, and I think we all learned a lot from it! If you didn’t have a chance to go, there are some clips online, so check them out!