The Power of the Amica Center

The Amica Center has helped me learn professional techniques throughout my Bryant Career. Specifically, in my junior year, it has helped me learn how to communicate with employers in a proper setting. Whether it is through email or preparing for an interview, I make sure to always go to the Amica Center before I make any decisions professionally.

At the same time, I am also a little lucky in a way. One of the advisors at the Amica Center, Pat Miernicki, has become one of my favorite people I have ever met. She has helped me present myself in the best way possible, as well as helping me become more mature throughout my time. I was introduced through the Sales Team, as she is one of the main coaches for the team. Even though it had a little luck, Pat has had a lasting impact in my development of a professional.

The Amica Center also provided daily value to every student at Bryant. It could be workshops on improving resumes, practicing mock interviews, or hosting network events, they are always working to help students succeed. They create opportunities that give students the chance to expand their knowledge, as well as get out of their comfort zone in order to improve their skill sets.

The Amica Center is that extra level of support in giving Bryant Students that extra value in the real work.

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