Thank you, Bryant.

The number of blog posts I have left is dwindling. I graduate in 40 days! I’ve been experiencing a lot of lasts lately and it’s got me feeling a lot of emotions. Mostly, I am feeling overwhelmingly grateful for a lot of things. So here is a list of people, places and things I would like to thank:

To my professors, thank you for the quick responses to emails, late night questions, and most importantly, expanding my mind and helping to see the world around me in a more meaningful way.

To my roommate of four years, thank you for being by my side through it all. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to share a room (and all of these memories) with. Also, thanks for not caring that my clothes are often scattered across the floor.

To the rest of my friends (housemates, honorary housemates, people I get coffee with from time to time), thank you for having such a large impact on my life and making me HAPPY! Because of you, Bryant University was a place full of laughter and fun. Can’t wait to make memories post-grad.

To my Alpha Omicron Pi sisters, thank you for giving me a purpose here at Bryant. You gave me the resources I need to reach goals I never even knew I wanted to before I knew you all. Specifically to the senior AOIIs, you guys mean more to me then you could ever know.

To President Machtley, thank you for being such a visionary for this university. Even in my four short years, the leaps and bounds Bryant has made is so evident across campus. You have done amazing things that benefit every single student, past, present, and future, of this university.

To the Bryant Players, thank you for shining a spotlight on the arts at Bryant. Theatre is so beautiful and I love seeing it be present here on Bryant’s campus. Also, thank you for allowing me to live my dream role as Elle in Legally Blonde three years ago. Time does fly!

To the Department of Public Safety, thank you for keeping me safe and sound for four whole years. Your job is not easy but you still constantly have the best interests of the students in mind.

To the people I have had as partners in leadership endeavors (including, but not limited to, my SASS Co-Chair Amreen and fellow Top Dog Bradley), thank you for challenging me and teaching me how to be the best version of myself as a leader. I am proud of the work we have accomplished together.

To Bryant’s campus, thank you for being such a stunning, innovative, and positive place to live. This is a special environment. It cultivates brilliant people I am honored to be among.

To my family, simply thank you. I love you.

There are many more people to thank but I end it there. This was a very nostalgic post for me. Thank you reading! Here I am practicing for the real thing…


Live in love,