REDay 2017

Wow, only one month left here at Bryant University! Freshman year continues to fly by, and I know we’re all eager to start our summer. But there’s still a lot of big events around campus to cover before we head home and officially close the books on the 2016-2017 school year. And today was one of those events, as REDay 2017 officially kicked off this Wednesday.

REDay, for those of you who don’t know, is a showcase of Bryant students’ innovation and collaboration using topics discussed in the classroom. There were economics presentations, essay readings, panel discussions, a keynote speaker, and more from our students and faculty. Scattered throughout the Unistructure, students were free to choose which lectures or presentations to visit, and find the seminar that best reflected their interests.

I was actually able to present at REDay for the GFCL Renaissance Humanism panel, where I read an essay I had written for class. It was an interesting experience for me, since I don’t think I’ve ever shared an essay I had written with an audience before. A bit nerve-racking, but overall I’d say it was a rewarding experience that helped me with my presentation skills and gave me more insight on how my peers approach questions and find solutions. The student audience was great, and I highly recommend it for students selected next year to present.

Since I was presenting, I wasn’t able to see all of the other seminars and presentations, but from what I could see, there were a lot of interesting collaborations. There was an Economic Symposium in the Rotunda, where ECO students designed posters to address various economic issues. There were poetry demonstrations where students typed up poems on the spot handmade for spectators. Communications students created health campaigns that could be used around the Bryant campus. Overall, the event was a great reflection of the hard work we’ve been doing in second semester, and I think all our presenters did a terrific job of showing off the skills we develop at Bryant.