Honors Thesis Presentations

This past Monday and Tuesday, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the honors presentations of two of my very wonderful friends Brianna Darin & Tiffany Venmahavong.

Brianna, an accounting major, senior, and soon to be MPAc candidate, had her presentation on “The Perception of Acounting: What Do You Think?” and Tiffany on “Five seconds to the Ad: How Program-Induced Mood affects Ad Countdown Effects.“

CaptureBrianna’s research was centered on how both accounting and non-accounting students viewed and perceived the accounting major, the accounting profession, and accountants at large. Her data was retrieved from surveys, focus groups, and interviews she conducted with students on campus.

She found that indeed, accounting majors viewed accounting more positively and liked math and abstractions. She also found that non-accounting majors viewed accounting as a field that does not meet their interests. Those students were likely to also say that they did not like math, explaining their disinterest in the field. The implication of her research all in all was that people should be encouraged to learn more about the field very early when they come to Bryant, so they see that accounting has many more different fields than just standard work.

Headshot_VenmahavongTiffany, a senior, native Rhode Islander, IB major, fellow commuter, and Bryant’s first ever Fulbright Scholar had her presentation on Tuesday inside MRC 4 at 2 pm. Her work was more centered on how program induced moods affect ad countdown effect.

After her presentation, I had a quick chat with her father who expressed huge pride in his daughter. He joked that he never went to college and this is what made him even more proud of his daughter.