REDAY 2017

17884163_962072403929538_5490369587040715761_n Yesterday, Bryant University held its 6th Annual Research and Engagement Day throughout campus.

Research and Engagement Day (RED17) consisted of more than 83 sessions involving over 90 faculty and staff and over 600 students reflecting on the academic and creative work being undertaken by members of the Bryant community. These presentations included: panels with published and working papers, round table discussions, showcases of creative expression, and poster presentations all culminating in a Keynote address by Robert Schlesinger, Managing Editor for Opinion at U.S. News & World Report.

An aspect of these sessions was the 10th annual Bryant Undergraduate Symposium organized by the economics department. Here, senior capstone economic projects had to be presented to a rotating group of audiences.

Prior to the presentation, we had to visit the poster presentations in the Rotunda.17951570_962072663929512_4824668641973645056_n I visited the tables which had projects ranging from “A Panel Data Analysis of Commodity Dependence & Its Impact on Real GDP in Brazil, Peru, and Venezuela,” to “An Analysis of Stock Market Returns in the Commercial Banking Sector.”

At 9:30 am, I had the pleasure of introducing Erica Vendituoli, whose topic was titled, “The Lottery’s Effect on Education Spending in the Western U.S.” She was the first presenter of the day. My presentation was titled “Does Economic Freedom Promote Standard of Living Across Countries with Different Income Levels?” It was an empirical study where I used the OLS model to test whether or not economic freedom had any relationship with standard of living.

I ran a total of six regressions and found that the higher a country’s economic freedom, the higher its’ standard of living.