The Best Study Spots on Campus

With finals creeping up around the corner from us, we need to somehow keep in mind that we need to start studying in advance, instead of cramming the night before. And if you don’t start studying just yet, maybe just keep in mind that you need to start soon! With that being said, something also to consider when studying is where and how?! Being at Bryant, it’s pretty obvious that you go to either the library or Fisher to study. But how much do we actually get done when we do these things? If you’re like me – not much. When it comes to studying for finals, or any exam really try studying solo. If when studying with others, sometimes it can help, but often times it can be distracting. And often times we ask ourselves, where can I go to focus? Don’t worry, the point of this article is to inform you all of the best places to get you’re studying done for finals, and beyond.

  1.  The second floor (the silent section) of the library is a great spot; you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish on that level. The second floor of the library has long tables that you can sit individually at, breakout study rooms, group tables, or they have individual tables located in between book case (my personal favorite).
  2. Along with study rooms- plan in advance. Many buildings in this school offer breakout smaller study rooms. Plan in advance and book yourself a room that you don’t have to go on the hunt for a room. BOOK IT SOON!
  3. Koffler Communication building- Although this building doesn’t have many individual rooms, this building is usually quiet. There are couches and a few rooms within the building.
  4. If you hang out in the Rotunda, you will might not get as much accomplished; however, if you find an empty classroom- you are golden. The rooms have whiteboards all over them, so you can write on any of the walls, and actually study. Once you are comfortable with your studies, you can even invite your friends to join you and review together.
  5. The AIC has several breakout rooms on its own. Along with those breakout rooms, on the second floor of the AIC, there is a hallway segregated from the classrooms which has extra breakout rooms that are slightly secluded from the others. If you need focus, look into these rooms!
  6. Hall 17 – although it is good for Ronzios, it is also good for the many breakout study rooms that it has!
  7. When it is very nice out, people tend to sit by the pond near Fisher, soak up the sun, play yard games, and music. HOWEVER, the pond near the library and Interfaith Center, is rarely occupied by this noise. Hang out there and get some studying done while still enjoying the nice weather.
  8. Although the Interfaith Center is used as a center to practice your faith, this building is also home to a few breakout rooms, and it is open all the time. It is usually very quiet in here, and you will be sure to get something accomplished!

Good luck on Finals! Go Books, Go Bulldogs!