Hello readers! This last Wednesday, Bryant students had the opportunity to participate in Research and Engagement Day (RED). This is Bryant’s sixth year of putting on this event for faculty, students, and staff.

I had the opportunity to participate in three RED17 events! All of the events were great and I was excited to have the opportunity. The first event I participated in was a science class research project presentation. Although I am a business major, I am taking biology. So these presentations were interesting and I could see some connection to my classes. Overall, it was interesting to learn about more things in the science industry.

A bit later, I had an exciting opportunity through my Mass Communications class. I took part in a panel discussion with Robert Schlesinger. There was about fifteen kids discussing the current state of media with him. Schlesinger is the managing editor for opinion of the U.S. News and World Report. Professor Stanley Baran facilitated this conversation. An hour long conversation was ended with a promise that we would be hearing more of him during his keynote speech.

Late in the afternoon, I attend Robert Schlesinger’s keynote speech on “Scholarship in Opinion Writing.” Along with this, was more information regarding “fake news” as an extension of what we had talked about in our private session with Schlesinger. He spoke of the current administration, and things that are currently going on in this transitioning state of media. I really enjoyed what Schlesinger had to say during his keynote.

Bryant did a great job with this event and I hope that next year is just as great! I’m looking forward to taking full advantage of this event next year and participating in many more events.

Go Bulldogs!