How to Handle Housing

One of the most overlooked aspects of campus life is also one of the most obvious differences when transitioning to college – housing. Where you live and who you live with is an important part of your life here at Bryant. Our ResLife office provides several different living options around campus, so you can find the best fit for your lifestyle. Do you like having a close-knit group and a large living area?  If you like living with a close group of friends, but enjoy the standard dorms, then try a suite! Here are a couple of options:

Freshmen: Halls 14, 15, 16 (traditional 2-student room or suite-style)
You’ll be comfortable in any of our three freshman halls. Halls 14 and 15 are traditional 2-student residence halls. These two halls are also entirely freshman, so you’ll be going to classes and freshmen events with your neighbors! Hall 16 is a bit different, as is completely made up of 8 person suites.

Sophomores and Juniors: Suite Village

Our Suite Village is spread out among 14 of our housing options. Each building contains mostly six person suites, all equipped with three traditional rooms connected by a living room and bathroom. This is my choice for housing next year, and I’m excited to be rooming with a great group of friends I’ve made on campus! While these six-person suites are the most common, there are a select number of 2 or 4 person suites available.

Hall 17 holds traditional 6 student suites. Equipped with study rooms and lounges, Hall 17, known as “the Hotel” to Bryant students, is the newest housing hall on campus.

Seniors: Townhouses
And finally we have the Seniors! After three years here at Bryant, our seniors are able to relax and enjoy their upperclassmen status in the comfort of their very own townhouses! Our townhouse village is set aside from the rest of campus (located behind Hall 16). These two-story townhouse apartments come with single and double bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a dining area, and a fully-equipped kitchen (students are still eligible to purchase meal plans). It’s a fantastic way to end your career at Bryant, and a unique living experience that prepares our seniors to transition into the next step of their lives!

Hope you enjoyed this quick insight into housing on campus…next week is Spring Weekend, so I’ll be covering the festivities in my next few blogs!