Cheers- Senior Night #2

17991601_967489686721143_5995963784587336317_o Last night, I participated in a senior event at the Roger Williams Botanical Gardens in Providence. It was a truly splendid event. We were bused there by two rented school buses.


My ride was a very pleasant and enjoyable one. Seniors recapped the previous years by reliving many good times we had had here at Bryant. Of course, I had been to Roger Williams Park many many times, but had never actually been in the Botanical gardens so it was a great experience.

The garden itself had a beautiful 18055732_967489810054464_6943275230775648675_oentrance, but none of us were prepared for what we experienced inside. It was absolutely gorgeous. The food was good and bountiful and the DJ’s music made the night.

When the second batch arrived by 9:30 the place was loitering with seniors. Small talks were made, new friendships were forged and old ones were reinforced. Personally, I met two girls from the ISO I had never met before. We all joked about how we all were on the same campus yet had never seen each other before.

Later in the night, some of us got the scoop of what was going to happen during senior week and the events planned out for us. It’s a secret I cannot reveal, but all I know is I can’t wait.