Greek Week 2017

I am sure many of you on campus have heard/if not seen something related to “Greek Week” at Bryant. If not, well this article will inform you plenty!

To start: What is Greek Week? Truly, I don’t know all the history of it, but from what I have heard, this tradition has gone on for years. For one week straight, the Greek community comes out and participates in different events each day. Every day there is a winner announced for the sororities and the fraternities from the activity of that day.

This year we started on Monday April 17: Field Day. Field day included: who can make the fastest human pyramid, a relay race, a three-legged race, and a water balloon toss. This was like elementary field day all over again. The weather was perfect, the adrenaline was running, and the spirits were high. Overall a great day.

greek week2

Day two: Basketball. This is my personal favorite. There is a bracket for the sororities and a separate bracket for the fraternities. There was a double elimination for both brackets and some chapters won, and some chapters didn’t – but it’s okay because it was all fun and games! Disclaimer: I broke my pinky by accident and jammed it in the ball on this day, so although it is my personal favorite- this year I didn’t get too much playing time!

Wednesday was a skip day. Which brings us to Thursday: volleyball! Volleyball worked very similar in the same way as basketball. Double elimination rounds, the boys played the boys and the girls played the girls. Winners went home winning, and the rest of the chapters went home to rest up for the next activity.

greek week 4

Almost all Greeks will be participating in Relay for Life on Friday 4/21, therefore there are no events. However, Saturday 4/22 is the finale. The overall best day of Greek week. Lip Sync. Lip Sync is where every chapter creates a mashup of sounds and dances and has to leave their heart on the Janikies Theater stage. It’s fun and exciting and it is an overall happy ending to Greek Week.

I am writing this article to inform you of the fun the Greek community has, but also to inform you of the unity and community we, as Greek community, actually share. This week is about coming together as a university and cheering for one another. All the while, supporting your friends in other chapters, and having an immense amount of pride about the organization that you come from. Yes, winning is nice, but winning isn’t the moral of the week. The moral of the week is that the Greek Community at Bryant University is strong, supportive, and overall amazing.