Guest Speaker Opportunities

Even though competition season is over, that does not mean the networking ends.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have had the privilege to sit in on guest speakers from high up sales professionals right in my own classroom! Even though this is because of my involvement in the Sales program, I am still able to have the opportunity to speak and network with these professionals.

With these guest speakers, it provides multiple different opportunities. First, as a junior, it gives me a chance to make a first impression on some of these employers. Because they are familiar with Bryant, and they are excellent companies, it helps me expand my own network. Also by spending time with the employers during lunch and sales team meetings, I am able to ask them any type of advice. So far, I have asked for advice that has ranged from how to prepare for a competition, to what is the biggest challenge for a new student coming out of college into the workplace.

The fact that class time can be dedicated to networking is a pretty significant opportunity that should be appreciated. I would have never thought I would be given the chance to speak to employers outside of a career fair at Bryant, and I am able to do it during class! It has helped me gain confidence in myself, because after each guest speaker I feel as if I am better in presenting myself than before.

Even though I am experiencing guest speakers in the sales program, I do know it is not an uncommon theme for this campus. Like I have said before, Bryant provides students these types of opportunities. Sometimes, you do not even have to make any extra effort – opportunities can show up, as long as you make it to class! In preparing yourself for the business world, guest speakers are just one prime example of helping bulldogs achieve success in their careers.