Latin Night

buscoThe Bryant University Spanish Cultural Organization, along with other cultural clubs on campus, sponsored the 2017 Latin Night inside the ROTO from 5-8pm. I only heard of this when I passed the Starr Financial Markets Center and saw a friend happily enjoying some delicious looking Spanish food and encouraged me to go grab some for myself before it was all gone.

I capitalized on my free time and took him up on his advice. When I approached the ROTO, I was met with loud noises, music and huge crowds. This was about 6:30 pm. There was a group Salsa going on with a large number of students watching it on the stairs and enjoying the food. Flags of Spanish speaking countries hung all over the place which made for a colorful atmosphere.

17991350_967022693434509_3588356741593889857_oThe food’s aroma was too good; there were so many varieties to choose from, including: sweet bread, fried mutton and pork, rice, shell, etc.

I met a lot of graduating seniors there. We joked, enjoyed the food, and even for a brief moment, considered joining the ladies on the floor for Salsa. That brief moment soon passed as we were caught up in conversations about plans for the very very near future.

The Commuter Connection had volunteered to create the registration for the event and man the swipe-in table. In all, a total of 495 students swiped into the event which by all standards was a record number.