Patriots’ Day

Being from Boston, I still celebrate many traditions even during my time at Bryant. The last couple of traditions have mostly been championships parades (thankfully), one of the biggest traditions has been Patriots’ Day. When I was little, I used to refer to it as the day where the Red Sox played early, but it means much more than that. From the historical context to supporting the runners in the Boston Marathon, Patriots’ Day has always been a special holiday in my life.

While attending Bryant, it has been a little difficult to celebrate like I had in the past. The biggest difference is living in Rhode Island that does not recognize the holiday. Obviously that has been a big adjustment for me the last couple of years, but I have been able to manage. One of the biggest benefits of Bryant’s location is how accessible it is to get into the city of Boston. Campus is not too far away from Providence, and in about an hour train ride you are able to be in Boston.

Classes are always my first priority. So the past couple of Patriots’ Day have been missed due to staying true to my academics. But, this year I had the opportunity to head into the city for the day and celebrate the holiday. This was a mixture of my classes not being in the way, and the access of Boston from Bryant.

The day was fantastic. I was able to enjoy a Red Sox win and help cheer on the marathon runners, all by arriving on campus before Salmo closed for dinner. In short, Bryant’s location provides excellent value to still keep traditions that I am used to growing up in Massachusetts.