REDay 2017

This past week, I was a speaker for Dr. Boyer’s Sales Management Class in presenting my Self Directed Learning Project.

For those who are not familiar with REDay, it is Bryant’s annual Research and Engagement Day –  “a daylong symposium showcasing research by the Bryant community. It is when faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students will share, discuss, and learn from one another’s academic and creative work by participating in round table discussions, presentations, and collaborative art galleries.” It is a great campus tradition, because it gives students an opportunity to learn about the different studies throughout campus.

For my presentation, the Self Directed Learning Project was a self-guided project in order to learn something for yourself. There was a ton of freedom for the project, as it was an opportunity to take the time to learn something new about yourself. The project was a Dr. Boyer special, and I wanted to make sure I would not waste the opportunity. It required the guidance of a mentor and complete determination in completing value. After a couple of changes, I chose to gain knowledge using Salesforce, as well as attend two networking events to expand my network.

The presentation went well, as I was able to share the work I accomplished throughout the semester. It was also great to hear other classmates’ presentations, because it provided a different perspective on how people wanted to spend their time in improving themselves. In an unique opportunity, Dr. Boyer gave the opportunity for the student to lead the way on what they wanted to learn, rather than the other way around.

REDay in general was also a success. I was able to learn from different speakers that I usually would not on a regular basis. For example, I learned more about analytics in sports and the impact it is beginning to make. Even though I am an applied analytics concentration, REDay gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the industry. Overall, it is a unique Bulldog tradition that continues to expand knowledge for students.