The Weather Factor

There is no denying it, the weather is New England can be unpredictable. From a selfish standpoint, I believe my winter wardrobe is much better than my other wardrobes. Snow also provides a beautiful scenery to campus, as it paints the perfect picture of the transitions of each season.

Enough about the cold. Winter is finally over. The time for shorts, warm weather, and tanning is right upon us. Spring is finally in the air, and campus has definitely fully embraced it. I understand weather may freak some people out that are not from the Northeast, but there is no greater feeling on when Spring finally comes around.

The biggest tradition on campus once Spring arrives is the return of the “Bryant Beach” – where campus really begins to enjoy the weather. The Bryant Beach is the pond we have on campus, except students are able to lay on the grass and hang out as if the pond was an actual beach. This is one of my favorite aspects of Bryant’s campus, because a simple increase in weather turns campus into a social event. Just last week, I was able to lay on the lawn with my headphones in listening to the Red Sox. I do the exact same thing on the beach in the summer time, but the fact I am able to do it on the Bryant Beach is just as much fun.

Even though it is a simple factor, weather can be an important thing to think about when deciding on a university. But, rest assured, Bryant provides the best of both worlds. We are able to bond and have snowball fights in the winter, and able to work on our tans by the Beach in the Spring. All Bulldogs need a little sun to stay focused on our studies, and utilizing the warm weather is always a great motivating factor.