Current Happenings on Campus!


It’s a well known fact when the weather is nicer, more things happen on campus and everyone is in a great mood! Here’s a current roundup of a few things that are happening on campus or have happened recently!

  1. Greek Week! Although I am not involved with sorority life on campus, a few of my really good friends are and they loved it. They’ve expressed how much fun Greek Week was this year, which you can also read about in my friend Tayla’s blog here.
  2. Housing Selection! Everyone on campus had the opportunity to pick their housing for next year! This was exciting and many people were thrilled with their choices. I’ll be living in Hall 15 as a Freshmen RA, so I did not go through this process; however, I was able to hear all of my friends stories and I definitely plan on visiting their suites!
  3. The GFOB E-pitch was this week! The second semester freshmen taking GFOB had their e-pitch competition! Congrats to the winners! I heard they were great!
  4. The tennis team won the NEC’s for the fourth consecutive time! This is super exciting and I wanted to give them a shout-out!

5. The Rowing Team’s home regatta! The Women’s Rowing Team had a home regatta on Saturday! We raced hard and came away victorious in some categories, specifically in racing the four’s! The picture’s come from Drew Kennedy! You can see more of his work here.


6. Spring Weekend is quickly approaching! This weekend is Spring Weekend and I could not be any more excited! I’m excited for all the events and the concert happening on Saturday night!

That’s it for my recap! There’s a ton of things happening on campus, and I’ll be sure to share the rest of them soon!