Everything You Need to Know About Spring Weekend

It’s finally here! Well, almost here. Yes, this is Spring Weekend 2017, and we’re all hyped waiting for the weekend! So before the festivities start, I just wanted to give you all a little schedule of what to expect. Next week, I’ll actually be going back through some of the events I mention, and giving my reviews of them, so keep an eye out for that! Now let’s get started:

SATURDAY (78 degrees and sunny!):

Field Events & Food Trucks: Who doesn’t like a carnival? Well this is the closest we’ll get to one on campus! Lots of fun games happening on the FSC Lawn on Saturday afternoon, and plenty of good food to go with it. And if you’re up for something a little more extreme, there’s a volleyball tournament on the Hall 17 courts at 2pm! Bump, set, and spike your way to a victory to kick off your weekend!

Springstock (and Late Night BBQ): WJMF Campus Radio has got the best playlists lined up for Saturday night’s ‘Springstock’ in front of Koffler at 7pm. Not too much is known about the music lineup, but our broadcasting department is sure to have a fun night planned with great music, food, and friends. Speaking of food, and there’s gonna be a lot of it this weekend, from 9-10pm is the Late Night BBQ, following Springstock, on the FSC Lawn. Still looking for more music? Country artist Seth Cook will be performing from 2-4pm at the FSC Patio.

SUNDAY (62 degrees and sunny!):

Pancake Bar: Now look, I know I’ve talked a lot about food in this blog. But people I’ve talked to have some high reviews of past Spring Weekends, so my expectations are pretty high. And a Pancake Bar is a solid choice for a fantastic Spring Weekend. Nothing brightens up a morning like a stack of pancakes!

Basketball Tournament: Can you shoot 3’s like Curry? Average a triple-double like Westbrook? Pull a 3-1 comeback like LeBron? Well here’s your shot to settle things on the court, as Bryant students face off for the Spring Weekend Basketball Tournament! Show off you skills from 2-4pm at the courts outside of Hall 14!

Big BINGO: I have to say, nothing makes college kids happier than free swag. So when we hear about BINGO games at Bryant, you can be sure there’s going to be a big crowd and a fun time! Prizes at some of the bigger Bryant events have included: TVs, Red Sox tickets, Beats headphones, etc., so I can only imagine what GAMMA has on the prize table for this round of Bryant Big BINGO, taking place on the Unistructure steps from 4pm-5pm!

Spring Concert: Now here it is folks, the main event. D.R.A.M. performing live in the MAC Gym! Make sure to grab your tickets online at bryantuniversitytickets.com if you haven’t already done so, they’re going fast! The concert is open to current students for FREE, with limited tickets for staff, faculty, and graduate students for $30. It’s going to be a great time, and has always been the main event of the weekend, so I highly recommend getting a ticket!

Well that wraps things up for this blog, make sure to check out next week’s review blog about my experience there, and of course, have a great Spring Weekend!