Intercultural Center Banquet

We’re at the point in the year where a million banquets are hosted, people get recognized for their hard work, and the Bryant community is collectively stuffed with delicious (free) food. One of my favorite events is the Intercultural Center (ICC) Banquet. Here, people involved in various aspects across the PwC Center for Diversity and Inclusion get together to celebrate another wonderful year. What I appreciate most about this banquet is how unified it feels. I was most involved with the Hochberg Women’s Center within the CDI, but I was able to celebrate alongside people who were more involved with the ICC or other aspects of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion.

It has always been important for me to be involved with this center. It is a sanctuary on campus where people can learn, grow, and most importantly, connect. Finding a place on campus you can trust and rely on makes college feel a lot more like home.

I am thankful for all the Women’s Center has given me. I have gained knowledge, made friends and expanded my understanding of what being a women in this world means.

The banquet was a special place to celebrate alongside some wonderful people and I am so excited to share this experience and time of the year with such accomplished, wonderful people!


Live in love,