Barnum Financial Group Meet and Greet with Bryant Seniors and Juniors

Yesterday, I participated in Barnum Financials informal meet and greet event held at Parente’s Restaurant down the block. It was an exclusive event for seniors and juniors and I was invited to join in by way of my membership in the Finance Association.

Joe, one of the managing partners of the firm, introduced himself and requested that we not sit but stand and intermingle with the employees to engage in conversations.

We heard some good stories from Joe about his 23 year experience at Barnum. He told us about the work of financial advisors and about the opportunities at his firm. Obviously to make it in financial advising, one must be able to connect and maintain relationships with people.

We also spoke to some of the other newly hired employees, two of which graduated from Bryant last year.

It went on for about an hour or two before I had to excuse myself to leave. I could have stayed there the whole duration save for the fact that I had an assignment to hand in. Either way, I enjoyed myself and gained some new connections.

These are the types of things I expected my Bryant experience to be like. The never ending networking opportunities is something I heavily weighed before I applied to Bryant and I have not been disappointed yet.