Graduation Fair

18157607_10210619685186429_6322798787509340969_nOn Wednesday, I participated in the mandatory graduation fair for all graduating seniors inside Janikies. Prior to entry, seniors had lined up to purchase their graduation gowns.

Inside Janikies, Tyler Brum ’13  gave us a warm welcome and told us about the upcoming alumni events, two of which were to be held exclusively in the honor of the graduating Class of 2017. One is in Boston and the other is in New York. We were also invited to sign up for the June tailgate party during the USA v. Peru polo match in Newport over the summer.

Upon coming out of the event, students had the chance to pose for pictures inside the Roto. There were also tables from the different graduate programs seeking to recruit potential applicants.

18058064_10210860807374234_8214743148774666671_nFrom this event, I went to the bookstore to claim my graduation Latin honors cords. If anyone read my first semester blogs, you would understand that this was a special moment because for the first time in my academic life, I felt I would never accomplish this looking at the level of work and tough road they lay ahead of me. How I made it this far still remains a mystery to me… but, here I am.