The Art of Multitasking

The key to success in college is to first learn about your own personal time management skills. In order to go anywhere in this world, you have to learn how to prioritize your own goals and the tasks you need to complete. Eventually everyone realizes what works for them, just at different speeds.

For me, I have always loved to stay busy. I will do everything thrown at me at all times of the day. I would rather give up a few hours of sleep every night in order to accomplish everything I want, instead of barely doing anything on campus. I think it’s important to be overly involved, as long as it is with things you love to do. If your heart is not in it, then you will never find the energy or motivation to do everything.

Sophomore year has taught me that classes only get harder as time goes on in college. I have been overwhelmed taking six classes, with two of them having to do with each of my majors. Yes, I did decide to make my life harder by adding an additional major to my plate in college. But I love both of them, so why decide on just one? I made the decision to give up the remaining bit of free time in my life to my second major, and I have not regretted it. Along with this, I am in Tri Sigma, the secretary for DECA, an Ambassador, I work for Admissions, and I work for the Honors Program as one of the student coordinators. I barely sleep. There have been quite a few times this semester where I feel as if it is all too much. Where I have questioned whether I do in fact do too much. But at the end of the day, I do not regret a single crazy second of it. I love everything I do and it brings nothing but happiness to my life.

In the end, multitasking and time management are imperative to success at college and in the real world too.