Librarian Help – The Ultimate Lifesavers

Finals are the most stressful time of the semester. I know that is an obvious statement, but it is hard to find some moments of fun when preparing for them. Finals is what helps students become great students because you devote the time and effort into achieving success.

For this round of finals, I have to complete a research paper. It requires an extreme amount of credible sources, as well as accurate references and scholarly articles. Translation: I am going to need some help. Usually, in these types of situations, the professor is the resource to go to in order for guidance. But for me, I put my faith and trust into the Librarians on campus.

The librarians are able to help with almost anything when it comes to academics. Whether it is a research paper, or trying to download a movie to stream, they are there to assist you with any trouble you need. For my research paper, I needed help with finding the proper academic sources. I went up to the desk, explained what my paper was about, and the librarian walked me through step by step how to gather sources using the resources and databases the university offers. Just like that, I had everything I needed to write my paper.

I can consider the librarians on my campus to be my best friend or lifesavers for that matter. Just like the books in the building, they offer just as much knowledge for you. They can turn a stressful situation into a walk in the park in a matter of moments, and I wanted to take this opportunity to appreciate their hard work and commitment they provide to the Bryant community.