Wrapping Up Spring Weekend and Spring Semester

I know I say it a lot in the intros to my blogs, but wow, summer is almost here. My first year of college in the books. Just crazy to think about. But before I get into a couple words to end the year, let me give you my grades for this weekend!

My Grades for Spring Weekend:

  1. The Music: B
    So the music is obviously the most hyped part of Spring Weekend. Every day has some sort of musical guest or performance. I was actually able to go to all three music events on campus.Seth Cook put on a solid performance out by the Fischer Center. I’m not much of a country music guy, but even I know he put on a good performance, so his mini-concert was definitely a nice addition to Friday’s festivities. Later that night came Ace Hood, who honestly killed it for being the second-most known performer of the weekend. He brought out not only his best raps, but some new freestyles and covered a couple newer tracks by other artists. And ending the night with “Bugatti”, even after some technical difficulties, just put a great end to Friday night. Props to him for a great show that got everybody hyped for the weekend.

    And finally came the most anticipated event: the Spring Concert. Chiddy Bang did his best to hype up the crowd, but no one really knew any of the newer songs he did, besides “Opposite of Adults” and “Mind Your Manners,” which pumped everyone up and was a cool throwback. At about 9pm, everyone was feeling pretty tired; however, as soon as DRAM entered the stage, we were all excited. Things started off a bit slow with some of his newer, less known songs. But as soon as Cash Machine came on, the room was electric. And ending the night with “Broccoli” put everyone in a good mood to cap off the weekend!

  2. The Food: B+
    Now this, unfortunately, is where I have to rely on other reviews. Because of classes and other events, I wasn’t really able to sample the food offered throughout the weekend. But from what I could gather, everything was delicious! Fried dough, Southern fried chicken, burgers and hot dogs barbecued around the pond: perfect meals to eat outdoors in the beautiful weather! So for me, it’s an A+ quality food. Either way, I can’t wait to sample the cuisine next year!
  3. The Games: A
    Alright, these may have been the best part of the weekend. First off, I’m going to be a little bit bias and grade BINGO! a C, solely because I was about to win twice, but I got completely unlucky and never got the “B10” I needed…so even though there were amazing prizes, I’m going to have to give this a lower grade for not letting the reviewer be a winner! With that out of the way, let’s get into the actual review. Bryant outdid themselves with the inflatables. I know what you’re thinking; “aren’t inflatables for kid’s parties?”. Well, let me tell you, you put one of those competitions in front of a bunch of college friends, absolute war breaks out. My weekend was spent jousting my friends, playing a “Wipeout”-style sweeper course that I got absolutely destroyed by, and watching friend after friend trying to hold on and then thrown off the Mechanical Shark ride. Nothing could top those, so I have to award Bryant an A here for encouraging some good old healthy competition!Overall Experience?: A+
    In the end, Spring Weekend doesn’t come down to the performers or the food or the games. All that matters is you have a good time with your friends and make more memories to celebrate your year on campus. And with that in mind, I have nothing less than an A+ for a great time with good people that I can’t wait to see again in the fall semester and make new memories with!

Final Thoughts Before Finals:

Looking back now, it’s crazy to think about my life before I stepped on campus. You don’t really notice it, but now you look back and see how much you’ve accomplished. Living on your own, handling new responsibilities, meeting all new people and reacquainting yourself with some old friends; so much has happened in such a short span. Just as there are with everything else in your life, there will be highs and lows in your college life, but you’ll find what works for you and how to balance your school work with your life outside the classroom. For all the incoming freshman – don’t be scared of what’s ahead, you’ll have plenty of time to find friends, to study, and to find something you love to do on campus. Just come to campus on that move-in day with an open mind and open expectations. I’ve learned so much, met so many great people, and I’m extremely proud to call myself a member of the Class of 2020! See you all in the Fall!