Sales Team End of Year Celebration

What a year for the Bryant University Sales Team. Since joining my freshman year, we seem to only continue to get bigger and better every year! This past year we were able to accomplish so much, and we were able to enjoy ourselves as a celebration.

This past Thursday, we were able to go to the Red Sox as a team to celebrate what we were able to accomplish in the past year. Being a big Red Sox fan, this was obviously a special treat. But for some members of the team, it was their first time actually going to Fenway. To me, that was a little weird due to the fact I went to Fenway for the first time at six years old, but I was still able to teach some members the history behind the ballpark. We were also able to meet up with members of the team from last year, Ari and Jordan, as they live not too far from Fenway. It was a great experience to catch up and celebrate with the past and current members of the team while watching the Sox play.

In order to have the opportunity to attend a Red Sox game, we needed to earn it. The trip to the game was a reflection of the things we were able to accomplish all year round. We were able to have NISC be the largest attendance in the history of the competition last year, as well as competed extremely well in the two biggest competitions at Florida State and Kennesaw State. One thing is for sure, these accomplishments do not come easy. They take up a lot of time and make you lose sleep. Even though long nights are involved, being able to reflect on those experiences have only made me a better student and person. I would not trade the long days of work for an extra night of sleep because it was only able to help me improve myself.

As I enter my final year on the Sales Team, I look forward to continuing our success with our own competition and representing well across the nation. There will definitely be hard work next year, so hopefully, at the end of the year, we will be back in the stands at Fenway enjoying our accomplishments once again.IMG_5581