Saying Goodbye to Junior Year, and Hello to Senior Year

I cannot believe I am saying this, but I am one week away from completing my junior year! I am now officially taking the final turn into being able to walk under the Archway. That is absolutely unbelievable to think about. It feels like yesterday that I was just moving in for the semester. Now, I am preparing for finals and looking forward to the summer.

Looking back, I can confidently say that this semester was my best one to date. I am not saying that my past semesters were not excellent, but my junior year definitely stands out as a successful one. I just feel like I was able to accomplish so much. Throughout the year, I was able to improve my overall confidence in myself. I continued to build my network, stay on top of my academics, and still maintain the great relationships I have made on campus. Even though it is my third year saying it, I am grateful for all of the opportunities Bryant has provided me so far.

Throughout my junior year, I also was able to achieve so many accomplishments. The Dawg Pound had a productive year for its first year as a recognized organization. The Sales Team was able to travel the nation in different competitions and represent the university well. My involvement on campus is extremely important to me, but the fact that I was able to generate results with my involvement makes me feel as though that time was well spent. Because Sales and Dawg Pound are my two main commitments outside of my academics, I am proud of the increased growth and expectations that they provide.

As I enter my senior year, it is exciting and frightening at the same time. I am extremely excited because I will be able to live in a townhouse with my suitemates and hold the responsibilities of being a senior on campus. I am also excited because I will be working with the underclassman through my involvements, and hopefully setting the standards on what it means to be a Bryant Bulldog as I finish out strong. I am nervous about my senior year though because it will mean I would have to make the transition into the real world sooner than later. I am up for the challenge, but I want to make sure I do not take this for granted. I want to soak in every single moment I have left on this campus.

Each year has gone faster and faster. Hopefully, my senior year will go slower so I can take in every single second. Whether I am a current student or multiple years past graduation, I will still be a Bulldog for life, and that cannot ever be taken away from me.