Internship Hunting

With the junior year almost complete, it is time to look forward to the summer. For me, that included a lot of beach time, plenty of ice cream, and rounds of golf. But most importantly, it includes being able to work.

Through all of my networking opportunities this year, the one thing that I realized was how important completing summer internships were. Not only did it make for a much more confident conversation, but it gave me stories to tell employers. Through the experiences of working a full week, I was able to connect with employers much easier because I had a story to tell. Even though my experience at Bryant provides plenty of material to share, having that professional experience will have the most value in conversations.

The other important aspect I have learned about internships is how much they help you grow. For example, the last two summers I have worked at Robert Half as a sales recruiter. Each time I finished the internship, I came back to campus with a fresh mindset and a lot of confidence to succeed due to the level of work I was dealing with. Even though the internships were not academic, they helped me prepare and become more organized. I can easily say that my internship experiences have made me a better student because I was able to mature throughout the time I was not a student.

I cannot express how grateful I am for the number of opportunities Bryant provides in order to secure an internship or full-time employment. Through the events they organize to the Amica Center, there is a higher chance of acquiring an internship than not at this university. As long as you have a drive and commitment to success, Bryant offers all of the proper resources to gain more experience.

As for me, I am going into the summer with another internship to continue building my resume and expertise. This is my final chance to gain as much knowledge as I can. When I come back in the fall, the focus will be on securing a full-time job. With the network and resources, I was able to gain this year, I am extremely excited to see what type of opportunities will come my way when it is my time to seek a career post-graduation.