Marketing Research Project

This semester, I took a course called Marketing Research as part of my requirements in achieving my marketing major. In the course, you learn about the importance of researching a specific market in order to achieve success, as well as the behind the scenes of conducting research. For our main class project, we had to conduct research about a topic and market of our choice, and come to a conclusion based on our research.

Our group decided to look into the preferences between the time it takes to travel for a vacation, as well as the way of transportation to get to their vacation. Our hypothesis was the longer the vacation, the more respondents prefer to fly instead of drive, and that the shorter the vacation, the more likely respondents would prefer to drive to the destination. In order to gather our research, we had to create the famous Bryant Qualtrics survey. For those who do not know, Qualtrics is a software company that allows users to create their own research. After the responses have been recorded, they also provide the data and analytics of the results from the survey. The reason why the surveys are famous is because Bryant students are known for taking a lot of surveys throughout the course of the year. It is a great way to get an understanding on how to improve specific topics or gather research. But for me, it was finally my time to ask people to take my survey.

Once we found conclusions based on our data, we discovered that our hypothesis was completely incorrect and that the results were the opposite of what we were expecting. We came to this conclusion based on analyzing our responses and data from the survey.

This project gave our group an opportunity to conduct research and find conclusions on our own. It was as close to a real-world example as I will get. This type of project is something that I have a great interest in. To me, it is a lot of fun being able to look into responses of a specific research and use the data collected as a selling point towards a topic. When people ask me what I want to do in my career, I always reference this project as a scenario of my daily life. The fact that I was able to do it in one of my classes only helps me gain the proper experience so I am prepared when the time comes in the real world.