The Power of Analytics

Last year, I made it official and announced I was concentrating in Applied Analytics to suit my Marketing major and Communication Minor. Prior to this semester, the only class I had taken in the concentration was the introduction course. But, this semester I was able to take a more detailed course and really get into the power analytics can do, while finding the passion I have for the subject.

When I joined the sales team, one of my main reasons for joining was because I had the same amount of fun doing sales as if I was watching a sporting event. The same can be said for analytics – I have just as much fun calculating, analyzing, and making a conclusion based on data. This concentration has given me an opportunity to expand my knowledge of the subject, and get a better idea of how I am able to utilize it in the real world. By being an applied analytics concentration, it has also given me the opportunity to learn different software programs that help build my skills. Prior to taking the courses, I barely knew how to operate excel due to a core requirement. Now, through making analytic classes, I have become much more confident with my excel abilities, as well as learning new software systems such as SAS and Tableau.

Technically, I did not have to concentrate in Applied Analytics in order to graduate. Because of my credits and the way things worked out, I had an opportunity to pursue the concentration. If it worked out, I was able to complete it on time. If it did not, I could have easily dropped it. I am glad I was able to have the opportunity to explore because it was a game changer for me. Applied Analytics has also helped me figure out what type of job opportunities I was to pursue. Through the exercises I have completed in my classes, I have found that providing data to back up a specific claim is something I love doing. The concentration has provided me an extra level of opportunity on top of my major and minor because it gives me a specific direction to succeed in.

With that said, being able to explore a concentration like Applied Analytics would not be possible without the effort Bryant provides to the students. By hosting exploring major and minor events, they actually help provide information in creating the best profile for your resume. To me, a major, concentration, and minor is like a recipe. You are trying to find the best ingredients to cook the best outcome. With the help Bryant provides, it is very hard to mess up that recipe.