Warm Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another year of writing and entertaining you with my knowledge about Rhode Island, Bryant, and New England. This semester, however, is a little different for me. Last year, a majority of my articles were about things, events, or lessons learned in the state of Rhode Island and on campus. I usually would write them at my desk in my dorm, in Salmo, or on the second floor of Fisher. However, this semester, I am writing these article across seas, in Salamanca, Spain!

Salamanca, Spain

So as I said at first, this semester will be a little different. I will be talking and writing about my travels, my classes, and my overall experiences while abroad.  And hopefully by doing this, maybe I can influence some of you to study abroad as well!

Royal Palace Madrid, Spain

I have been in Spain for two full months (CRAZY!)I started my abroad experience on August 7th! I lived in Madrid for the first month. There we had a Bryant course, with a Bryant professor (Pro. McCarthy) during this course, we had an intensive class. I learned so much about Spain and the European Union, that it has made my transition here that much better. After Madrid we traveled to Salamanca, which is two hours outside of Madrid. It is a small, but beautiful city, where we will be staying here until December. I am with a group of 15 Bryant students, and along the way we are meeting locals, other students from other countries, and even some students from New England.

Bullfight in Salamanca, Spain

The past two months, I have done a decent amount of traveling in and around Spain. We visited Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, Seville, Alicante, Salamanca, and later in the semester we will be visiting Barcelona as well! Last weekend I traveled to Munich, Germany, and next weekend I will be traveling to Dublin, Ireland! Throughout the semester, I will be catching flights, exploring monuments, and doing all of the touristy things that tourists do. Although this is for school, and yes, Monday through Friday I am taking classes along with an internship, this still feels like a vacation, and it has been so far one of the most incredible experiences in my life.

I am looking forward to sharing pictures, and memories with you this semester through this blog!

Segovia, Spain