Bryant Bubble after SIE

It feels good to not only be back in my Bryant bubble but to also be blogging once more. Time for everyone to hear about the cool things I experience here on campus. But to add something special to this blog I wanted to reminisce for a bit on one of my all time favorite experiences on this campus so far–The Sophomore International Experience. Now most people on campus end up having a worldly experience of sorts, they either go on SIE or they end up studying abroad for one whole semester. And if people are truly lucky enough, they will get to experience both. My personal choice though is to only do SIE, and thankfully the experience was so fulfilling that I definitely have now inherited the travel bug I have heard so much buzz about.

The Sophomore International Experience is a class that is taken the semester before the departure for the trip and focuses on educating students not only about the country itself but also the culture behind it as well. I got to go to Paris and London, therefore we focused on juxtaposition of the two countries to the United States. I was able to learn more about these countries than I ever knew before which was quite the learning experience.

My trip consisted of just 10┬ádays which did not feel like long enough because once I went over there I definitely did not have any urge to come back home. Going abroad changes your perspective on things and causes you to look at Bryant differently as well. It’s hard to explain but once you look beyond the Bryant bubble you can see so much more, and realize just how much more you can do on this campus as well. I have become even more involved since my trip across seas.

For anyone debating on whether to do it or not, do not even hesitate. Sign up and get the experience of a lifetime!