Welcome Back Bulldogs

Welcome back everybody! While our Bulldogs have been on campus for about a month now, this is the first blog of the year so I thought I’d reflect a bit on my start to Year 2!

It really is amazing how long ago freshman year feels. There isn’t really a solid expectation when you arrive on campus to actually live and work there for the first time. The second time around, I was much more comfortable, especially being able to live with a great group of friends and know my way around already. Being a smaller campus freshman year definitely helped relieve some anxiety about where to go, who to meet, etc. But sophomore year really lets you improve on your familiarity not just with the physical layout of the campus, but with the people on it.

Bryant is one of those schools that you’ll see a familiar face a few times a day. It was great meeting back up with friends from last year over the summer, and it was even better seeing everyone back for the fall semester. You’ll always know a face or two in your classes the first day, which I really love about Bryant. And even if you don’t, the student body is really friendly and outgoing, so no reason to worry! I really appreciate all the help I’ve gotten from friends as my class workload increases from Year 1 to Year 2.

I’ll have a lot more on the events and experiences around campus in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! Here’s to another successful semester at Bryant University.