The Finale – Senior Year Has Begun

I am a Bryant University Senior. Wow. That just gets tougher every time I try to understand it. As each summer goes by, sometimes you forget that you are still a student. You know you are a Bulldog for life, but you get so busy that you forget that 8 am classes are on the horizon. But, I am fully back on campus enjoying my senior year. As my days get busier, I have found to enjoy them more and more.

My summer was excellent. I worked in the city of Boston at a company near Fenway Park as a Sales Intern. Even though taking the subway every day was not the most enjoyable thing in the world, I still managed to make the most of it. If it was not for my experiences at Bryant and the lessons I have learned throughout my classes, I would not have been able to succeed at my position. Specifically, I am referencing my Applied Analytics classes and my Intro to CIS (Computer Information Science) classes. Without learning the Excel skills that I have learned throughout those courses, my internship would have been a lot shorter than expected. As my position involved a lot of Excel work, those classes definitely helped me get to a level where I could perform in a corporate setting.

Even though I was working eight hour days, transitioning back to school could not have been more of a breeze for me. My class schedule is loaded with my senior classes, including the famous Business 400 class that combines everything I have been learning throughout my four years. I was also named the President of the Sales Team, which has taken most of my extra time in making sure we can be the most effective team to date. Whether it is practicing for competitions, or game planning a general meeting, taking on the Presidency has had its responsibilities. But I enjoy being busy all the time and balancing classes and organizations. Even though I have been doing it throughout my time at Bryant, I realized that filling up my schedule has kept me more focused and on track of my assignments that are due (as well as appreciate sleeping way more than I have before).

My transition into living in a townhouse on campus has also been a blast. I have been living with the same group of guys now for years, but we finally have the freedom to cook in our own kitchen. My creative spices have really blossomed since getting back to school, as I have been testing my cooking abilities since move-in day. I have not made anything groundbreaking besides a graham-cracker chocolate chip cookie, but I will provide updates throughout the semester as I continue my quest to be the next Guy Fieri.

I plan on making my senior year my best year yet. Through staying busy and focusing on getting a full-time job, I will do my best in appreciating every day until I have to walk under the Archway.