Exam season is upon us!

It’s exam season here at Bryant University and this means it’s time to pull out those books, get reading, make some flashcards and ace those exams! For the freshmen, right now is just about when midterms are taking place. For some, this might be a scary event. They may think, how can half a semester’s worth of information, be on one exam? Fear not, freshmen! I promise they aren’t as bad as you think and you will get through this! I thought for this post I would detail a few of my favorite ways to of stress relief to reward myself once exams are over!

  1. Get off campus! Yes, this campus is lovely, but sometimes you need to see different people, eat different foods, and go have fun. Head downtown on the free RIPTA to Providence and go see a movie and go walk around!
  2. Go to a church service. Bryant University is a very diverse culture, and the Machtley Interfaith Center has three different spiritual advisors who will help you and guide you in your faith. If you just want a place for quiet reflection, this space is also available to you. 
  3. Watch your favorite movie! I’m guilty of this during exam season. As we’re approaching Halloween, so many great holiday movies are on to get you in the spirit! Make a movie date with your roommate, invite a bunch of friends, bake some cookies and have yourself a girls night!
  4. Take a trip with the Student Programming Board! SPB hosts so many on/ off campus events, it’s hard to find something that you aren’t interested in! They’re currently hosting an off campus trip to a local farm to pick pumpkins, and soon after they’re hosting a Make-Your-Own-Terrarium event! Treat yourself to a fun event with friends and catch the books later.

While yes, studying is important, so is your mental health. Remember to take care of yourself. Study for your exams, get your sleep, take a break once in awhile, and treat yourself to a stress free fun event. This campus and our surroundings are full of them!


Go Bulldogs!