Midterm Tips and Tricks

You would think that by the fifth time of overcoming the dreaded midterm season, I would have some sort of fool proof plan. Something that I would have been using since I was a freshman that would work perfectly. But to be honest I have only evolved through my study habits and have learned from my past experiences in order to capitalize upon them.

My freshman year habits consisted of me only studying the Fisher Student Center. I literally lived there my freshman year and did not realize how unproductive I was being. I now only go to Fisher for light homework, something I am okay with getting interrupted by someone coming over to talk to me. But if I have to do hardcore studying–then I find myself in the library for all hours of the day and night. The light chatter, or utter peace, help to keep me focused, plus when it’s late at night I want to go home sooner therefore I refuse to go on my phone until my work is done. The library always makes me stop procrastinating, that is just the kind of atmosphere it has.

I no longer wait to start my studying as well, this was a chronic issue of mine throughout freshman, and even sophomore, year. I now work hard during the week and start outlining my study guides two weeks in advance in order to have time to process the material. While also being able to finish all of my homework so I can do light studying on the weekends.

So far all of these little tricks have helped me to be successful on my midterms. My recommendation is to keep adjusting your studying habits until they are at an ultimate success rate for you!