Getting My Groove Back

As I approach my second to last round of midterms (I will not miss those!), I am nothing but full speed ahead as I continue to stay busy. Even though midterms are difficult, and require less sleep, it is all part of the process as I continue making my journey in walking under the archway.

For starters, classes are definitely picking up some steam. But as I have gotten to know midterm season pretty well, it is all about staying organized. My to-do list never leaves my backpack throughout the week, and the feeling of being able to cross off an action item makes that feeling extremely satisfying. Whether it is a meeting or a homework assignment, having a to-do list keeps me motivated throughout the week knowing I can strive to relax on the weekend.

It almost feels like it is a part of the Bryant culture to have schedules busy as they possibly can be – as if there is a competition who can be the most involved Bulldog. For the longest time, I truly did feel like that title belonged to me. But coming into the senior year, I took a different approach. I wanted to scale back my responsibilities, and strictly focus on the ones that I found to be the most important. Specifically, I have found a drive with the Sales Team and have put all my eggs into the basket – as my goal is to be a dedicated President, team member, and competitor. So far, this strategy has worked out as I was chosen to represent Bryant at the International Collegiate Sales Competition in Florida. Even though I made the sacrifice of choosing to do less, I feel as though the focus of the Sales Team and my academics will be a significant benefit in the long run.

As I begin to train and prepare for the Sales Competition, I will continue to enjoy my days on campus. I have already begun to notice I am much more aware of who I bump into while I am walking around. Whether it is a professor or a friend, I am trying to make the extra effort to say hello and have a conversation if the moment allows me too, because May will come sooner than later when these memories might not happen again.