An Active Reflection

Recently, I was on the phone with one of my friends who recently graduated and we had a very interesting exchange. As we both checked in on one another we each asked how we were doing, and both of our responses were “very busy.” But, we had two different versions of being busy. His version of busy in a sales position at a top company, continuing to strive in the ‘real world.’ My version of being busy is keeping up with classes, the sales team, meetings – as just starters. But when I asked him if he missed being ‘Bryant Busy’ rather than ‘Real World Busy’, he told me that, “it is tough, but it is hard not to miss being busy on campus, because once you leave, you realize it was more fun than you thought.”

Once we hung up the phone, his comments made me take a step back and reflect. I have been extremely active on campus since my first weeks of being a Bulldog. Whether it has been that extra effort to do well in my classes, or the late night practicing for the Sales Team, staying busy has only helped me become more focused on the common goal of preparing me for that ‘real world busy’ environment. Even though sometimes grinding out studying for an exam is not the most enjoyable thing in the world, it still applies towards becoming as prepared as possible for when I graduate.

In general, I have never been the type of person to sit around and do nothing – I always have to be doing something. That is just how I enjoy filling up 24 hours of a day. What is unique about Bryant is that it offers the opportunity to be as busy as you can possibly be. No matter what, the university strives for success in helping students be ready for life after college. But as I reflect on my time in a number of different organizations I have participated in, I look back now and do not regret filling up the schedule. More importantly, I finally realize I believe I will miss all of the participation I am involved in once I graduate. Either way, it all falls under the benefits of being a Bulldog.