Fall Open House

Welcome back Bulldogs! We’re having amazing fall weather on campus right now, I hope you have an opportunity to come by. It was perfect weather for our fall Open House! As a new ambassador, I was so happy that I could take apart of this event!

Open House is a perfect time to get to know Bryant’s students, faculty, and staff a bit better. This event gives you a chance to hear from members of the admission team, a current student, and even President Machtley. I was incredibly impressed with the student speech, Matt Gosselin who is apart of the Ambassador program. His speech was well thought out, incredibly put together and totally embodied the Bryant spirit and vision. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to start off Saturday with.                                                            

Although I did not have the chance to attend Fall Open House as a prospective student, I can see how incredibly important and helpful this event would have been for myself. I could see the students really enjoying speaking to faculty members, different university officials who even greeted tour guides by name, and President Machtley. Having those experience truly can help a prospective student get a feel for the community our campus has to offer.

I had the chance to greet many families and students as they spent their time here at the university. Showing prospective students how to get around campus gave me a feeling of nostalgia. I remember touring Bryant so clearly, that when I was giving my tour, it was an incredibly weird feeling. Knowing that I could make such an impact on a student that they might want to attend this school, I chose my words incredibly carefully. I had an amazing time at Fall Open House and I hope that those of you who are reading this blog have a chance to attend one of our admission events. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Go Bulldogs!