Giving Back Through Bryant

While getting your education is obviously the focus here at Bryant, there is also a call for volunteerism and improving the community and those around you. Whether through ethics course or service learning projects, Bryant aims us to be better members of our communities as well as professionals.

My biggest exposure to this commitment to volunteerism has been my work in Management 200. A mandatory class for most students, our Bulldogs must partner with a non-profit organization to create an in-depth project that aides the non-profit as well as fulfills the requirements of the course.

As a team manager this year, I’ve been happy to work with the Roger Williams Park Zoo. It’s a very unique experience to see how an organization functions and be able to make a lasting change. I know the research and development my group does will benefit the non-profit in the future, and in the meantime we get to learn how to apply our business skills outside the classroom. I’m very excited to present our project to the competition board at the end of the semester. Even though it can be a great deal of work, I found the experience extremely rewarding!