Competition Season – ICSC

I knew the time was coming, but it is finally here – competition season. As I am less than a week away from competing in the International Collegiate Sales Competition at Florida State University, I am in the final stretch of my preparations in representing Bryant.

Competitions are never easy. They require a lot of patience, commitment, and dedication. There is absolutely no question about that. But, in the end, I thoroughly enjoy practicing sales techniques. Being able to showcase my talents at a professional competition is an opportunity I am only thankful for. Even though it will not be my first time representing Bryant at one of these competitions, it is, unfortunately, one of my last ones that I will have the chance too. Therefore, I am doing everything that I can to not waste my responsibility.

With practicing role-plays comes the responsibility of preparing as much as I can for it. Whether that is through training videos or practicing role plays, everything needs to be perfect in order to stand out against the other universities that are competing. It also provides me the opportunity to connect with Bryant alumni to get their insight on how to approach the sales situation for the competition. That, by far, is the most beneficial experience you can ask for. When Bryant explains how it is a community-driven campus, it does not lie. Whether you are a current student or alumni, the connections run deep. Every Bulldog believes in your overall success, and will always continue to show that throughout time.

As I gather my final preparations for the competition, I know how much of a responsibility it holds to travel representing the Bryant name. Four years ago, I could have never imagined being presented with an opportunity like this. Now I am just a week away in having the chance to make my contribution of continuing to make Bryant a successful, respected university.