My Favorite Study Locations on Campus

The greatest thing about Bryant is the diversity. I’m not only talking about students and professors, but also buildings. Bryant has a ton of different study options for all different types of learning, something I have come to appreciate in my three semesters here at Bryant. I like to vary where I study and lately I’ve been spotted all over campus.

  1. Academic Innovation Center- Bryant’s newest building on campus is now only a year old! I like to use this space if I’m writing out notes, because most of the surfaces in the breakout rooms are write-able!
  2. The library study rooms- I really like to utilize this space when I have a group meeting. These are the rooms I feel I get the most work done in because of the lack of distractions and the fact that they are in the library, puts my brain into a “get work done mode!”
  3. The second floor of the library- The Silent Zone is the place I go when I have a paper to write or a challenging assignment to do. I feel super focused in this environment because of the quiet atmosphere and the fact I know I am not supposed to be talking. I like to use this space for my individual assignments.
  4. Study lounges! All of the first year halls have lobbies and some of them have study spaces for use! Because I am a Resident Assistant in a First- Year Hall I really like to use these spaces when I want to play music out loud or work with a group. It’s also very convenient because I never have to leave the building!
  5. My room! The last study space that I utilize is studying in my room. When I first came to college I was not the biggest fan of studying in my room. I have come to realize this is a great place for me to get my quick assignments done. I can do a few quick assignments before bed and then I am done for the night.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and have an idea of where you may study on campus!

Go Bulldogs!