The Willow Tree

I feel like Bryant students have a higher level of pride for the appearance of their campus than other college students. It’s almost weird how we hold stock to particular spots on campus, such as the “Bryant beach” which is only half of the small lake on campus facing the Fisher Student Center. For some reason we all know that this is the place to be when it’s warm out. Everyone grabs their notebooks and beach towels and will stake out their territory by the beach for the entire day. The trees in that area are also important to some of us, such as the giant weeping willow tree that drapes its branches over the beach. For some reason, people have had an emotional attachment to it, such as myself, and even Tupper, our mascot! He’s been to known to use that tree the most on campus. Therefore, when the most recent storm occurred and damage happened to our campus, Bryant students started to grieve a bit. The biggest thing that happened was that the giant weeping willow fell over towards the beach…something no one expected to happen from this storm. Social media immediately blew up with people mourning the loss of this giant tree. I found it fascinating how something so easily resonates with us as a community and displays this sense of community amongst us.