What to do with free time abroad!

It is crazy to believe, but in just 5 short weeks I will be on my return flight back to the US…… or in other words, back to reality. As great as it will be to see my family, friends, and dog, I just want to stay in Spain forever! Ideally, if all American food, my friends, family and dog were to shift to Spain, seriously that would be the life! But unfortunately that is not the case, so I will have to make the most of my next 5 weeks here!

Up until the day I leave, on the weekends I will be traveling to different countries, cities, and even continents. But during the week is the tricky part. How does one stay busy during the week? Good question. It seems like all study abroad kids do is travel, and yes on the weekends, that does happen a lot, but Monday-Friday is a different story. We do go to class, have internships, and binge watch Netflix (sometimes) but also sometimes there will come a day, where you have nothing to do, and you think- what should I do today? This thought has come across my mind a few times, because in the states most of us have jobs, and an absurd amount of homework, or cars to drive us around anywhere. Here is not the case, so here are some tips on what to do with all of your free time during the weekdays!

-Go for a walk or run. Don’t buy a gym membership unless you plan on using it every day-seriously. The weather in Europe for the most part, is very nice (with the exception of a few days.) Go out and walk/ run around the city and become familiar with the streets, it’s the best way to find hidden gems of the city!

-Most museums in any country will have a period of time where it is free for students to enter. Take advantage of that opportunity, because sometimes tickets for things like this can be upwards of 10-12 Euro. By getting in free, you are able to see some of the best old and modern art in history.

-Go to a local coffee shop. Europe is known for having small, chic cafes that are very trendy and aesthetically pleasing. Chances are they have free Wi-Fi, and you can go and sip your coffee, maybe meet new people, and find a new hangout spot.

-Look for community service! This is something I wish I had done when I first came, and I have many friends doing something like this here. If English is not the native language in the country, chances are there are schools in your area looking for English speaking students to help teach students English. There are several schools offering this opportunity in my city, and I have heard of similar options in many others.

-Look into day trips, around, in and near your city. It will probably cost about a 10 Euro bus round trip to explore another city on the outskirts. Maybe take a hike, or even visit another shopping center in another city. Take advantage of the options you have around and near your city!