Prepping for the Holidays

As we’re officially over Halloween, in my opinion we are entering the Holiday season! No matter your beliefs, I always think it’s nice to spread happiness, be merry, and thank the ones you care about. Here are my tips for getting in holiday spirit.

  1. Decorate, decorate, decorate! There’s no better way to get in a cheery mood than putting some twinkle lights up, putting posters of your favorite things on the walls and putting on some holiday music. Last year I painted a picture of a Christmas tree and had that hanging on top of our door as a reminder of the holiday season, every time I walked out the door.
  2. Go gift shopping! I love giving people gifts so I participate in this tradition. Whether it’s purchasing family members Bryant swag from the Bookstore or even writing a thank you note to a teacher who impacted you this semester, both are great ways to thank people. I think it’s really important to show gratitude to the important people in your life.  
  3. Get in the holiday mood! There are so many free events to attend on campus which will remind you of home, but with your Bryant community. In a few weeks the University wil put on the Festival of Lights and everyone from President Matchley to your professors and members of the community will attend this event! In addition, there are so many SPB events- which most if not all are included in the cost of attendance. Head out on these events with a group or make some new friends.

It’s easy to forget to get in the holiday spirit when attending college because everyone is so busy and involved. Make sure to get enough sleep, connect with friends, and be mindful of the holidays as the upcoming season approaches.