My Final Class Registration

This week, I will be registering for classes in the spring. My final semester as a Bryant Bulldog. Even though it is scary to think about, it is an exciting time. I cannot say I am excited about waking up in time to register at the crack of dawn for the final time, but I am looking forward to planning out the final stretch of my Bulldog career.

As I look back at previous registrations, I honestly can say I have come a long way. When I used to register for classes, I needed to make sure I was ready to go with the specific codes for the classes I wanted to take. Over the years, I have definitely had some experiences where I started off my morning very stressed out due to the fact of not getting into a class that I wanted. Instead of stressing out finding the right code, now it is more of pressing the registration button as fast as I can. I have still had a hard time registering for classes that I have wanted, but it has definitely required less memorization of codes for sure as my time has progressed.

Yes, the registration process can be daunting and stressful. But, actually getting to pick which classes to take is fun for me. Putting together a schedule for an entire semester is like a game of Tetris – you can be set on one class, but have to rotate through the different times offered until it finally fits the rest of the schedule. Having the freedom to decide what you want to learn is also an important aspect that I have taken for granted. As I have my last class registration coming up, I realize now I have had the power to determine what I want to study, and which areas I wanted to avoid. Not avoid in the sense of the subject would be bad, but having the freedom to choose which classes to take allows you to set your own expectations on how to succeed in the classroom. For me, that was a big aspect in how I was able to achieve success on Dean’s List throughout my academic career.

I might have taken it for granted, but registering for classes was one of my most productive activities at Bryant. Not only for the impact it can have on my GPA, but also to continue my success in the classroom. With one more semester to go, I plan on graduating with a solid final semester under my belt with the right classes.