ICSC – Trip in Review

I am currently writing to you after I have just returned to Rhode Island from beautiful, sunny Orlando, Florida. There was never a cloud in the sky, and the trip even included a trip to Disney World.

Back to being serious. This past week, I was chosen to represent Bryant as a competitor in the International Colligate Sales Competition. It required a lot of work, commitment, and grit as I prepared until the late night as best as I could. In an elimination-style tournament, myself along with other sales students from across the country competed with one another in situational role-plays.  Even though I am not new to sales competitions, this was an important one. ICSC is considered one of the most important competitions in the entire school year, and I did not want to let my team and the university down.

Through the hard preparation and understanding the case, I put it all on the line. With my days limited as a Bulldog, I needed to show what I have been training for since freshman year. Once we got to Orlando, it was just simply unbelievable. The resort had a pool, outdoor lounge chairs, and extremely good weather. Florida State University hosts the event at the resort due to the number of people involved in the competition. Even though the setting was spectacular, it was nothing but productive trip work throughout the entire trip. Whether it was preparing, networking with companies, or helping other teammates, I was trying to represent Bryant as well as I could, and inform people how special of a place this is.

I finished as a quarterfinalist in the competition. Even though I wished I finished higher than that, I am still proud of my accomplishment. With the effort I applied into preparing for the competition, I am happy of the accomplishments that I was able to achieve. Besides the results of the competition, the team networked enough to teach people about our own competition, NISC, and even invited them to see what we are all about in the Northeast. We do not offer the same weather and resorts than Florida State, we still offer the same level of excitement for opportunities.

Even though it was a lot of work, ICSC represents the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality. Being in one of the most interesting cities in the country, the competition offered a one-day pass to Disney World, which the team was able to experience together. Being able to spend the day in the Magic Kingdom was an extremely fun time. I thought I would be too old to enjoy Disney World, but the moment I took a step into the part the little kid got the best of me. This was especially shown when I got way more competitive than the rest of the team on the Buzz Lightyear ride.

Overall, the trip was a success. The experience of the competition, as well as networking with companies, only helped me grow as a professional and expand my network. Both of these points factor back into the reason why I joined the Sales Team in the first place. I only plan on continuing that success for the rest of the year.