Winter is Coming! What to do around campus

The cold weather is upon us! As we head towards December, students are switching out their shorts for parkas and jeans. Here are a few activities and tips for around campus to enjoy during the winter season…

Indoor MAC Facility: shoot some hoops, hit the gym, even go for a swim! The multi-purpose athletic center offers a lot of fun activities and sports indoors for when the temperature drops.

Fancy Salmo: looking for a nice full service dinner but don’t want to leave campus and deal with the weather? Be on the lookout for the Fancy Salmo signup sheet. The service is free, allowing students to eat a three course meal in a reserved section of the cafeteria.

New Bookstore Gear: get ready to bundle up! And with the cold weather approaching, stock up on your Bryant swag at the bookstore with jackets, hats, gloves, hoodies, and blankets! Also a great place to show for holiday gifts. Check out the website for seasonal deals!

AMICA Center: ’tis the season to look for internships over winter break! Drop by the AMICA center for some resume building help, or ask for some assistance through the internship program.