What a study abroad student really wants for Christmas

Less than three weeks to go before I return back to the US and luckily for me, it is right in time for Christmas! In the past, I have asked for new things such as a new phone, computer, or clothes, along with some stocking stuffers that will benefit me in my college dorm, such as popcorn, ramen, gold fish, deodorant, shampoo, cleaning supplies etc. This year is a little different, after traveling and spending every last cent I have here, there are a few things I would like for Christmas, but you may only be able to get in Europe!

  1. A gift card to my favorite restaurant, Wok to Walk, that is only in select countries. Wok to Walk became a staple fast food restaurant for my friends and I when traveling. It was very cheap, and they offered it in many different cities throughout Europe. Another thing pertaining to food would be a life-time supply of kebabs. Kebabs are a huge staple food for almost all European countries. Kebabs in Europe are equal to pizza in the US. You can find it everywhere!!!! Although, yes, there are kebabs in the US, they aren’t too easy to find .One last food is Milka chocolate! The most incredible, melt in your mouth chocolate ever. Trust me.
  2. Photo book/scrapbook. It’s not much money and it will hold a lifetime supply of memories for me to look back on when I am feeling sad and nostalgic of my study abroad experience. Plus it is super sentimental.
  3. Money- As I said before I have spent every last penny on traveling, food, etc. for the last four and a half months. I am more than ever such a broke college student it is unreal, so money/gift cards for every day needs would be great
  4. For my friends I have made abroad to come to Bryant/my hometown and stay with me! For the last few months I have met new people, and had incredible experiences, it will be so weird for it not all to be there in less than a month, so I can I just bring everyone and everything to me?
  5. A plane ticket so that I can go back!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Please?


Happy holidays to everyone!