The Life of a Fisher Student Center Employee

Since the first week I was a student at Bryant, I have had a job at the Fisher Student Center (FSC). I have worked at The Scoop for the past three years and I have loved every second of not. It’s one of those jobs that is easy for a student to be able to handle on top of having a heavy course load, and being really involved on campus. It’s nice to be able to make some money while being in school to help cover any expenses (or splurges) that could come my way. But more importantly my time as an FSC employee has been even more important to me.

No matter what the department in FSC is that you work for, you are automatically a part of a larger than yourself community. I have created some of my favorite friendships through this community, and it helped transition me into the college life. Plus they focus more on training you as who you are as a person rather than just an employee. They have all employee training meetings once a month that gather everyone together for important activities and discussions. I have learned so much more about myself, and FSC, by just attending these meetings.

If anyone ever asks me where they should work on campus, I automatically refer them to the FSC!