Student Programming Board Events

The Bryant Student Programming Board has had an awesome semester of putting on events for students (most of which were free!) This week I had attended two events which were not only free, but awesome events!

The first event I attended was Bryant Idol. There were eight singers who put on a wonderful show for everyone in attendance! The night even finished with a performance from the Bryant aDvANCEd Evolution Dance Team. I was so impressed by the Bryant students who performed duets, by themselves, on a piano, and to their own songs! This was a great event and one of the RA’s who lives in my building, Keke performed! I was so happy I could go support her on this big night.

The second event I attended this week put on by SPB was going to a Boston Bruins game! The school sent out a form a few weeks ago to all students who were interested in going and when I saw this I immediately jumped on this opportunity! Last year I had the chance to see a Celtics game which was 100% free! The Bruins game was the same way this year and it was a great night. I have never gone to a hockey game before so I relied on my friends who know a little bit more about hockey than I do to fill me in on the major rules. The game was so exciting and Boston ended up winning so I guess I can say I was Boston’s good luck charm for the night!

Overall this was an awesome event and I’ll try to attend next year. Who knows what sporting event they’ll choose next. 

SPB puts on programs during the week and on the weekends most of which are free for students. If you’re ever interested/ need something to do head up to the third floor in the Fisher Student Center and get in contact with the SPB members or join the club yourself!